The Vantaa City Museum has published its materials in the online Finna service as well as in the form of mobile games and online exhibitions. In addition to these, the museum also creates articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts. Most of the online materials are currently available only in Finnish.

Älypuhelinta pitävä käsi, taustalla Håkansbölen kartanon päärakennus.

Photo: Stella Karlsson, Vantaa City Museum

Learn about the museum collections

You are welcome to learn more about the history of Helsinge Parish, rural municipality, township and present-day city of Vantaa through images, objects, archival materials and cultural environment sites in the online Finna service.

Material package for schoolchildren

The material package ‘Elämää kartanossa’ (Life at the Manor) put together by the Vantaa City Museum introduces you to the life at the Håkansböle manor in the 1900s. You can find the material package at the Luokkahuone section in Finna (in Finnish and Swedish).  

Mobile games in English

Learning about the history and environment of your own neighbourhood has never been as fun. The Kuninkaantie mobile games are free of charge, and they are suitable for use both during lessons as well as leisure time. Complete the tasks within the time limit either while moving around in the actual environment or sitting on your own sofa. The games are suitable especially for children in grades 4–7.  

You can play the games alone, with a friend or as a three-person team. Depending on the game, the play time is 45 minutes or one hour. You can play in the real environment in the same way as the game Pokemon Go by downloading the free X-routes application on a smartphone. You can also click your way into the game in the browser by using the following link.

Mobile guides in English

The mobile guides of the Vantaa City Museum work on an internet browser, and they do not require registration or a separate application. The guides have been implemented by using the Seinätön museo (A museum without walls) platform created by the Finnish Museums Association.

Historical riverside walking tours of Vantaa

This guide includes three different routes following the rivers of Vantaa and their sites. The map for each of the routes includes a recommended path to take between the sites. The routes have been designed to be followed by foot or by bicycle.


The column ‘Vantaa ennen ja nyt’ (Vantaa now and yesterday) in the Vantaan Sanomat newspaper

Experts from the museum write the column ‘Vantaa ennen ja nyt’ (Vantaa now and yesterday) in the Vantaan Sanomat newspaper. A new article always appears in the paper edition of the weekend newspaper. You can read the online versions of the articles on the website of Vantaan Sanomat.

The Lähiö podcast

The Lähiö podcast was published in the spring of 2021. In the podcast, Siiriliina Kantola and Niilo Helminen discuss life in Vantaa as well as episode-specific topics with visitors from Vantaa.