Educational services of Vantaa City Museum

Vantaa City Museum offers educational services to learners of all ages. Guided tours and workshops can be tailored to the group's needs.


The museum offers educational services to learners of all ages. The museum lecturer and guides give guided tours to groups by appointment. You can also request background material for independent study visits. Guided tours can be tailored to the group's needs. The museum also organises more active and immersive activities, thematic tours and workshops. Study visits to the museum are offered free of charge to day-care centres, schools and educational institution.

Always book study visits in good time in advance with the museum lecturer (contact information at the bottom of the page). Weekday mornings are reserved for guided tours for day care and school groups.‍ Morning reservations can also be made for groups when the exhibition is not open yet to the general public.


  • free entry   

  • free guided tour for groups of students or pupils from Vantaa

  • the workshops are free for schoolchildren from Vantaa

Group size:  

  • Our facilities have enough space for a guided tour with approximately max. 20 people.  

Duration of the guided tour:  

  • approx. 45 minutes  

  • we can also adjust the duration of the guided tour to your schedule  

When making the reservation, you should let us know if you have any special wishes about the guided tour – we can tailor the content of the guided tour based on the needs of the class, if necessary. Book a guided tour from the museum lecturer; the contact information is at the bottom of the page. 


Photo: Stella Karlsson, Vantaa City Museum

Early childhood education and care and lower levels of comprehensive schools

Upper levels of comprehensive schools, general upper secondary school and vocational education and training

School visits by experts

The archaeologist and building researchers of the Vantaa City Museum give free lessons to schoolchildren; the lessons focus on the history of the children’s own neighbourhood. The lessons will be held either at the children’s own school or via the Teams application. Book a lesson by sending an email There is a limited number of lessons available.

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Vantaa City Museum

Lessons in the history of the home region at schools 

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